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May 7, 2018

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Press Release: November 11, 2017

Topics: search, G6GFINDR, semantic annotation, semantic web, bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, AI

g6gTech, Inc. Announces the G6GFINDR system for focused software search

Santa Monica, CA - November 11, 2017

The G6GFINDR System

The g6gTech, Inc. (G6GFINDR) today announces the new version of the G6GFINDR system ( The system allows a focused search for finding bioinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI) software. The system strives to answer the question "What software do I use?" for the high-growth fields of bioinformatics and artificial intelligence. The platform is also being generalized to other industries and will employ artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

Powered by semantic annotation, the G6GFINDR system is a two-step process. In the first step, a query is entered, generating several semantic annotations. After the user chooses relevant annotations to their query, the search is re-submitted generating a list of prioritized URLs for finding software of interest. Both specific annotations for each URL (Detail Page) and also the number of annotations for each URL (Summary Page) are listed in the Results.

Search results differ significantly vs. simple keyword search as the search is based on semantic web technology ("graph technology") using semantic annotations derived from ontologies (knowledge bases). The system strives for an ever-improving, high quality search result.

The current version is based on the current G6GFINDR Directory of Omics and Intelligent Software. Going forward, G6GFINDR will be adding to its Triple database at an accelerated rate. This database is the result of curation and semantization, and, going forward, curation, semantization, and automation.

About The g6gTech, Inc.

The g6gTech, Inc. (G6GFINDR) is a software consulting and development company of experienced professionals. The company has traditionally focused on creating a directory of bioinformatics and artificial intelligence (AI) software. This resulted in The G6GFINDR Directory of Omics and Intelligent Software. The new G6GFINDR system will extend this directory to a much larger Triple database and the platform will be generalized to other industries. G6GFINDR is currently seeking angel and venture funding for further development of the G6GFINDR system platform into an enhanced recommendation system and application to different industries.

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